From Nablus To Nineveh

In search for the forgotten people of the Middle East

In the TV-series From Nablus to Nineveh, Dutch presenter Kefah Allush returns to his native soil, Palestinian Nablus. From there, he embarks on an extraordinary quest for the forgotten people of the Middle East.

During his travels, Kefah meets Samaritans (the West Bank), Mandaeans (Iran), Druze (Lebanon), Copts (Egypt), Bedouins (Jordan) and Yazidis (northern Iraq).

The interactive web documentary Blind Date and TV travel series From Nablus to Nineveh complement each other. The TV series portrays the people in their homeland. The web documentary focusses on people from these countries who are now living in the Netherlands.

Catching up

Below all episodes of From Nablus to Nineveh can be watched after they have been broadcasted on TV

De Samaritanen (Westelijke Jordaanoever)


De Mandeeërs (Iran)


De Kopten (Egypte)


De Druzen (Libanon)


De Bedoeïnen (Jordanië)


De Jezidi’s (Noord-Irak)